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Triton 2500 Series Trailer

Triton 2500 Series Trailer

Triton 1500 Series Electric Skid Vacuum

Triton 1500 Series Electric Skid

Triton 500 Series Vacuum Trailer

Triton 500 Series Trailer

Kraken 70 Vacuum Pump Series

Kraken 70 Series

Triton’s concept is a simple one – to create a cost-effective industrial vacuum system, which is safe, compact, easy to operate, and powerful enough to effectively perform in the most demanding industrial settings, particularly petrochemical, marine barge and offshore environments.

Although Triton’s vacuum systems come in “small”, “medium”, and “large” configurations, they are every bit as powerful as a vacuum truck. Triton’s concept is to take all of a vacuum truck’s power and put it on a portable platform – either a trailer that can be pulled behind a ¾ ton pickup truck, or on a skid that can be moved by forklift.

The “small” systems are the Triton 500 series, the “medium” systems are the Triton 1500 series, and the “large” systems are the Triton 2500 series.

The Triton 500 systems use a rotary vane pump, while the larger Triton 1500 and 2500 systems use a liquid ring pump at the heart of the system. The Triton 500 also has a product collection tank onboard…usually 10 bbls (420 gals) in size. The larger systems are designed to hook up to an external collection vessel, such as a vacuum box, a cuttings box, or a collection tank.

The Triton Liquid Ring systems are the superior choice for the most challenging pumping and collection applications of liquids, slurries, and semi-solids.  A wide range of dry materials can also be collected with the addition of Triton’s Collection Tank and Baghouse filter (see Solids Recovery Package). To learn more, click Advantages of Triton’s Liquid Ring Systems .

Triton Vacuum Systems are available in either skid- or trailer-mounted configurations, and powered by a diesel engine or a 3-phase electric motor. Skids are certified, lift-tested, and feature a pollution pan to prevent spills. Packages to meet hazardous locations (Class 1 Division I or II) are also available.

Product Specifications

  Triton 500 Triton 1500 Triton 2500
Vacuum, “Hg 24” 27” 27”
Airflow, cfm 417 1603 2500
Pump Technology Rotary Vane Liquid Ring Liquid Ring
Platform Trailer or skid Trailer or skid Trailer or skid
Power Source Diesel or electric Diesel or electric Diesel or electric
Product Collection On-board External External
Type of Product Liquids and Sludge Liquid to Dry* Liquid to Dry*

*with Solids Recovery Package

Triton’s Kraken is unique, patented technology that synchronizes with a Triton vacuum to continuously pick up product from one location and discharge it to a second remote location without having to collect it in an intermediary vessel like a vacuum box.

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