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We manufacture, sell, and rent portable industrial vacuum machinery, road crossings, and tank cleaning equipment to shipyards, refineries, chemical plants, and barge companies. Unlike vacuum trucks, we cost 40 – 60% less, fit into a fraction of the space, are quieter, inherently safer, and avoid scheduling headaches.

Since 1997, Triton Industries, LLC has covered the globe with innovative, original designs and developments in the industrial cleaning industry. Triton’s vacuum systems are recognized as truly premier within the industry. Triton’s Units are working on six continents, including industrial installations in the United States, the Arctic Circle, the Caribbean, the Mideast, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

These systems are proven, competing with and outperforming the “Super Truck” vacuum systems. Our systems allow all types of industries to reduce the costs associated with conventional vac trucks.

Your company now has the ability to ‘do it yourself’ and remove the middleman from your industrial cleaning needs.

Safety is second to none in our systems as they are available in Class I Division I and Class I Division II ratings for hazardous installations. Triton Systems are truly portable and easily handled by pick-up trucks and forklifts.

We welcome your business. Please call us at 225-637-3700 to discuss your specific needs.

Excellence in Innovation Award

Triton Industries won the Annual Award for Excellence in Innovation in 2011 from the National Institute of Standards and Technology – Manufacturing Extension Partnership.

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