Triton Vacuum Systems Advantages Over Vacuum Trucks

  • Equal or greater vacuum capabilities
    • More efficient, only requiring easier-to-handle 4″ or 6″ hoses
  • Smaller footprint and weight, posing less risk due to greater access of smaller machine vs 18-wheeler
    • Transport by pickup truck or forklift…where you want, when you want
  • Quieter
  • Available as Class 1 Division I or II ratings
  • No specialized operator
    • General laborers routinely operate equipment
  • No worries about overtime rates piling up
  • Diesel units can use less expensive off-road diesel fuel
  • COST 40-60% LESS!
Triton 500 Series Vacuum Pump Trailer

Available As

  • Small, self-contained systems with on-board product collection tank, using rotary vane technology (Triton 500 series)
  • Larger, more powerful systems that connect to a vacuum box, collection tank, or cuttings box, using liquid ring technology (Triton 1500, 2000, 2500 series)
  • Trailer-mounted or skid-mounted
  • Diesel powered or 480V, 3-phase electric (380V on 50 Hz systems)

What They Say

For what it’s worth, After several weeks of working with the 1500 Liquid ring, I gotta tell you guys, I absolutely love it.  Great design, fool proof, low maintenance, performs brilliantly, a good solid piece of equipment.  Simplicity and performance.

Using Triton equipment, we recovered steel shot faster than we ever have, we did it safely, and at a lower cost.  I’d recommend anyone consider using Triton equipment.

We felt we had a huge benefit on cost, particularly running our job 24 hours a day.  Additionally, the customer service and support from Triton was excellent.  We’ll definitely use Triton again.

I work on the North Slope of Alaska offshore on a drilling project with your solids recovery units. They work quite well for us , especially since we use them day in and day out in extreme conditions.

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Triton 2500 Series Trailer

Triton 2500 Series Trailer

Triton 1500 Series Electric Skid Vacuum

Triton 1500 Series Electric Skid

Triton 500 Series Vacuum Trailer

Triton 500 Series Trailer

Kraken 70 Vacuum Pump Series

Kraken 70 Series

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