From left to right: a Collection Tank, Baghouse, and Triton Vacuum Unit

Triton’s Solid Recovery Package is used to collect solid product, such as sand, blasting media, grain, limestone, cement dust, coal dust, etc. These solids products are collected through the use of the Triton Solids Recovery Package, which includes a Collection Tank, Baghouse, and Triton Vacuum Unit, at rates of 500-1000 lbs/hr.

The Triton Vacuum Unit is one of the liquid ring systems….the Triton 1500 , 2000, or 2500 …either electric or diesel driven, skid- or trailer-based. Solids conveyance depends on airflow, and the largest systems provide the largest airflow, as indicated by the product series (i.e., the Triton 2500 produces 2500 cubic feet per minute). The intention is to have all product removed by the Collection Tank and Baghouse, so that no product actually “sees” the Vacuum Unit.

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