NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) came to us for help on designing a solution to maintaining a clean workspace while using abrasive media to refurbish the exterior of the space shuttles.  This ultimately involved using vacuum to hold a sealed abrasive process securely to the exterior of the unit while at the same time vacuuming used abrasive media clear of the work area.  The technical team at Triton were proud to be able to assist the rocket scientists at NASA!


The creation of one of our sister companies, Waterline Tank Technologies, grew out of a request from the engineers at Exxon looking for ways to turn hardened sludge and particulates that accumulate at the bottom of petrochemical tanks into a slurry or more fluid material that could then be vacuumed out by our award winning, high performance vacuum equipment.   Triton developed “The Twister“, an manually adjustable tank nozzle that blasts thru the hardened material incrementally across a broad spectrum within the tank, turning the almost “cement-like” material to become fluidized.

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