Can lights & cameras be added to the Twister?

The Twister is a Submerged Jet Mixer, and shoots its discharge stream below the surface of the product, so you will be unable to see anything.  However, when used for a water wash after desludging, a temporary bank of lights with a camera can be mounted as a separate accessory above the Twister.

What maintenance do I need on my Twister?

The Twister is designed to be almost maintenance-free for permanent installations.  We do recommend activating the Twister handle to rotate the swivel on a quarterly basis, and using the 3” port to keep the area around the nozzle clear of solids buildup.

How do I get the solids out of the tank?

In many cases, frequent activation of the Twister can enable “Online Tank Cleaning”, so that the solids don’t have to be removed from the system because they have not accumulated to a level that will cause operational problems downstream.  In cases where the resuspended solids can cause issues, it is prudent to have some type

What if I can’t open the manway due to sludge?

Waterline offers a version of the Twister that can be inserted into a tank through an 18” fully open gate valve that a third party has hot-tapped onto the manway. We call this our “Hot Rod” Twister, and invite you to contact us for more details.

How often do I need to use the Twisters to prevent solids from building up?

That depends on the solids settling characteristic of the product….in some crudes, Twisters may need to be activated every other week to prevent BS&W buildup from causing operational problems downstream. In other cases, a client may choose to activate every two years, with the express intention of removing any bad actors from the system, through

Can I take suction for my pump through the Twister?

Waterline builds two basic designs of the Twister. The first, designed for a permanent installation, has a 3” port intended to provide a means to keep the area around the swivel mechanism clear of solids buildup, by allowing either cutter to be introduced or a vacuum source to be applied, or both. For a temporary

Can I use chemicals with the Twister?

The Twister provides an ideal delivery system for chemicals - both an entry point for the chemicals as well as the ability to achieve the intimate mixing and good surface contact needed to distribute the chemical effectively.

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