Blower packages are good for dry bulk handling materials. If the customer is only going to use the system for dry materials the unit will likely perform satisfactorily. Most people doing that type of work are not concerned with the heat or the noise, and must accept the level of maintenance required.

In other industries that deal with different types of materials, the noise, heat (400-500 degrees F) and the maintenance required because of the close tolerances of the “blower” machine do become a problem. Triton Vacuum Systems offer a combination of airflow, high vacuum, low noise, low temperatures, and low maintenance. The Triton Liquid Ring systems are capable of 27″ Hg vacuum, not 15” as is typical in a blower system. At that level of vacuum (27”Hg) there is no airflow, which is what the blower requires to accomplish work. So, for example, when moving peanut butter or heavy tank bottoms, the Triton Liquid Ring systems (T1500/T200) will not stop producing vacuum and can run continuously without fear of failure.

Another consideration is that exhaust temperatures of the Triton system may only reach 155 degrees Fahrenheit which is safe for refinery or tank cleaning flammable products.