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Here are a variety of successful applications Triton Vacuum Systems have been used in:




Halliburton Drilling Waste Management

 Click here: Baroid Delivers Value to Cuttings Transfer Operation Using Kraken Pump/Vacuum System


Offshore Barite Collection Operation

Triton's "Solid's Recovery Package" proved to be cost a cost effective answer for this challenge.

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 Remote Oil Spill Response

Triton's Vacuum Systems prove to be a low cost, highly portable, easy-to-operate agent in an oil spill response effort.

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Ultra High Pressure Washing Debris Recovery

The job was on an offshore rig using a water pump to clean and prepare the Heliport Deck for painting.

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 Frac Tank Secondary Containment Plan

  The unit was used to vacuum the contents of leaking frac tanks, and then pressure the removed fluids into the other secure frac tanks. The Triton 500 was also used to routinely remove rainwater from the bermed containment system.

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 Pipeline Decommissioning

Triton Vacuum Systems are used in the decommissioning and abandonment of oil and gas pipeline.

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Recovery of Spent "Black Beauty" Abrasive Blast Media

   The Black Beauty is pulled into the collection tank, then the air passes through the baghouse before it is exhausted through the Triton 1500 system.

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 Grain Barge Clean Out 

The recovered grain is pulled into the Triton's Solid's Recovery System--- a collection tank, a baghouse to clean the air, and a Triton vacuum.

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          Priming a River Siphon

 Triton vacuum systems are used to prime large flow pipes from the Mississippi River and create a siphon that allows for the freshwater diversion, flood control, and coastal restoration.

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Steel Shot Recovery
With a T1500 System a client typically recovers $40,000 worth of steel shot in a few days worth of work.

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Tank Cleaning

Triton Vacuum Systems are reguraly used to drain "above ground storage tanks" like crude oil tanks, 6-oil tanks, and heavy aromatic fuel oil tanks.

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Construction Site Water and Debris Removal

The units are routinely used in industrial facilities for Sump Clean-Out, Small Spill Cleanup, and Rainwater Removal.

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Use of Kraken for hydoexcavation debris removal

A water jet is used to dig safely around electrical utilities, piping, etc. While the water cuts, the excess water , mud, rocks, sand & debris is simultaneously vacumed.

To learn more about the, Kraken click here.




 Use of the Kraken for Tank Bottoms Removal

Our customers have used the Triton vacuum & Kraken system to pump tank bottoms.

To learn more about the Triton Vacuum & Kraken System, Click here.




 Use of the Kraken to Transport Drill Cuttings

The Kraken & Triton vacuum systems are used to pump drill cuttings on land rigs directly onto a shaker ascreen for a Cuttings Reinjection Project. 

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Use of Triton Vacuum Systems in Offshore Cleaning of Rig Platform Legs – Very High Lift Required

Total lift of ~200' (60 m)

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