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Why Choose A Triton Vacuum?


Triton Vacuum Systems advantages over vacuum trucks:

  • Equal or greater vacuum capabilities
    • More efficient, only requiring easier-to-handle 4" or 6" hoses
  • Smaller footprint and weight, posing less risk due to greater access of smaller machine vs 18-wheeler
    • Transport by pickup truck or forklift...where you want, when you want
  • Quieter
  • Available as Class 1 Division I or II ratings
  • No specialized operator
    • General laborers routinely operate equipment
  • No worries about overtime rates piling up
  • Diesel units can use less expensive off-road diesel fuel
  • COST 40-60% LESS!

Available as:

  • Small, self-contained systems with on-board product collection tank, using rotary vane technology (Triton 500 series)
  • Larger, more powerful systems that connect to a vacuum box, collection tank, or cuttings box, using liquid ring technology (Triton 1500, 2000, 2500 series)
  • Trailer-mounted or skid-mounted
  • Diesel powered or 480V, 3-phase electric (380V on 50 Hz systems)

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