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Since 1997, Triton Industries, LLC has covered the globe with innovative, original designs and developments in the industrial cleaning industry. Years of modifying and improving a variety of vacuum systems led to the development of today's Triton vacuum - a system that is recognized as truly premier within the industry. Triton vacuum systems are working on six continents, including industrial installations in the United States, the Arctic Circle, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, as well as being mentioned in many articles and receiving many awards. 

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Triton Donates Vacuum to Plaquemines Parish



February 20, 2012


Triton Donates Pump Used In Oil Spill To Plaquemines So Officials Can Clean Recurring Oil & Storm Drains When Needed

Triton Industries CEO Michael H. James and Triton COO Mike O’Rourke have donated a pump the company used in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill to clean oil off the surface of water in Plaquemines marsh. Plaquemines Parish can use for cleaning oil that continues to daily affect its waters and marsh, and officials also can use it to clean storm drains after severe weather events.

Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser thanked Triton officials for their generous donation.         

“These were the most successful pumps used in the oil spill,” President Nungesser said. “I saw first-hand how well this equipment worked. We are so grateful for this donation from a company that worked hand in hand with parish officials during the height of this crisis.”           

James said he was happy to donate the piece of equipment. “The oil is still coming in,” James said. “We see there is still a need.”




Officials pictured from left include: Triton Industries CEO Michael H. James, Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser, Triton Industries COO Mike O’Rourke and Emergency Management Director Guy Laigast in front of the pump Triton donated to Plaquemines. PHOTO BY KAREN TURNI BAZILE


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