How much water does Triton’s liquid ring systems consume?

Triton's liquid ring systems (T1500, T2000, T2500) can use water or other service liquid. The water is spun in the pump to create the vacuum, and circulates in a loop through the water tank, which holds 250 gals when full to the middle of the sight glasses. Under full vacuum load conditions for an

What is the amp draw on the T1500 electric system?

These machines are set up for 460V/60 Hz or 360V/50 Hz operation: 125 HP full load - 142 amps 100 HP full load – 115 amps Startup >350 amps, even with soft start Working load 125 HP – 130-135 amps Working load 100 HP – 108-110 amps We recommend a 200A breaker. If powered

What product discharge hoses are required for the Kraken?

The Kraken is Triton’s patented technology that allows continuous vacuuming and discharge of product to a remote location. The technology relies on synchronization between the vacuum unit and the Kraken. The heart of the Kraken is a positive displacement hydraulic unit, utilizing twin cylinders to push out the product. Triton regulates the discharge pressure

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