The Kraken is Triton’s patented technology that allows continuous vacuuming and discharge of product to a remote location. The technology relies on synchronization between the vacuum unit and the Kraken. The heart of the Kraken is a positive displacement hydraulic unit, utilizing twin cylinders to push out the product. Triton regulates the discharge pressure to a maximum of 250 psi on the product. Thus, it is imperative that the discharge piping or hose be capable of withstanding a surge of 250 psi in the event of a product pluggage in the discharge line.

The Kraken’s discharge is through a 6” Class 150 flange, but may be reduced to 4” without loss of throughput. However, the narrower line may increase the risk of pluggage.

The line and connections must be capable of withstanding at least 250 psi. Most often, 6” dock hose (250# or 300# working pressure) is used. It is generally available in 25’ lengths with flanged connections. Triton does not routinely supply this hose, but it is readily available for rental from the pump companies. Composite hose is also available that may be fit for use.

The ideal setup is to have hard piping – steel pipe with flanges. Alternatively, plastic piping such as 6” Schedule 80 PVC may be used, provided the connections are designed and installed correctly to meet the pressure requirements.

Triton recommends installing a spool piece every hundred feet or so on the discharge line. At those spool points, a pressure gauge can be installed, along with a fitting to allow flushing the line. The flush fitting (pointed toward the direction of flow) allows the line to be cleared during shutdowns. The pressure gauge is used as a diagnostic in the event of any pluggage to determine where in the line the problem is.

Triton also recommends a block valve at the discharge of the machine to prevent back pressure towards the hydraulic unit during line flushing. A gate valve is suitable.

Normally, continuous running of product prevents any pluggage in the discharge, but it is best to be prepared for the inevitable process upsets.