Triton’s Performance Guarantee Policy is that all equipment shipped will operate to our published specifications, and will operate for the entire length of the rental contract under normal use and operation, provided that the customer follows our guidelines for care and maintenance while in their possession. If a rental unit fails, for whatever reason, a replacement unit will be sent and the original unit returned to Triton for evaluation.

Upon receipt of the inoperative unit, a Triton technician shall determine if the condition was caused by equipment failure, operator lack of knowledge, or abuse. If the condition was caused by any factor other than equipment failure, Triton will inform the customer of this determination and will request authorization to bill the customer for the inbound and outbound freight to replace the original unit, and any repairs. If the condition was due to equipment failure, Triton will be responsible for these charges.

It is the customer’s responsibility to know the product characteristics of the product that is being vacuumed. Certain materials can create vapors that can damage the pump and other components of the vacuum system. Damage of this nature will be the responsibility of the customer.