How much and what type of diluents do I need?

To help break up and resuspend the solids, it helps to have heat as well as a diluent. A typical temperature might be 140°F (60 °C), but depends on the flash point of the diluent. The diluent might be the product itself, or could be a compatible cutter stock such as diesel, VGO, LCO, etc.

Can I permanently install Twisters on my tank?

Absolutely! We believe the real value of the Twister is unlocked when Twisters are permanently installed on a tank, allowing “Online Tank Cleaning"...allowing the tank to remain in service….and not just a conventional offline tank cleaning. The Twister is a unique technology that provides a proactive ability to manage the sludge problem, with the tank

What size pump do I need to power the Twister?

A specific pump recommendation can be made for your application.  In general,  a self-priming high head centrifugal pump from 6” x 4” up to 10” x 8”, powered by 400 – 550 HP, and capable of 1000-2200 gpm (227-500 m3/hr) at 150 psi (10 bar) is adequate.

How much volume does a cylindrical tank hold?

Ignoring the volume in the tank heads, you can measure the length of the tank and multiply by the following factors, depending on the diameter of the tank: 36" = 4.4 gals/inch of tank length 48" = 7.8 gals/in 54" = 9.9 gals/in 60" = 12.2 gals/in 72" = 17.6 gals/in So a 54" diameter

Who were Triton and the Kraken in mythology?

Triton was the son of the Greek god Poseidon (known as Neptune to the Romans), the god of the sea. He was a merman, with the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish. His shoulders were barnacled with seashells. Like his father, he carried a trident, but he also used a

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